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Sugar and spice and all things without price

петак, 22. април 2011.


Za moje dete , za svu decu, najveci poklon koji iko može dobiti u životu.

When sunshine slowly fades awayAnd dreams are yours to keepWithin my heart is where you’ll stayWhile you are fast asleepI’ll hold you in my sweet embraceTo ease your doubt and fearFor there could be no better placeThan where your love is near.

When evening shadows reach your doorAnd moonlit beams are shownI’ll rest beside you, evermoreSo, you are not aloneI’ll fight the monsters ‘neath your bedUntil they disappearThen, prepare for the day aheadGrateful that you are here.

When sunshine slowly fades to seaAnd earnest wishes riseWithin my heart is where you’ll be‘Til morning greets your eyesI’ll clutch your soul, close to my ownAnd pray your dreams are mildNo greater love could e’er be knownThan that for you, my child.

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